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Fitness is the name of the state of being physically able to live a happy life.   Some research suggests that increasing your fitness through exercise will help to moderate depression just as much as medication.   Gyms have amazing equipment but the more attractive option is to have a similar cardio machine in your own home that can be used anytime.  Home options are more advanced now in the shape of exercise bikes which are the most likely option for workouts at home through Best Exercise Bike Under 500.

Biking provides a low impact on cardiovascular workout which strengthens the heart and lungs along with the muscle of the lower body of an individual.  The latest research reveals that it not only strengthens the heart muscle but also lowers the heart rate, and lowers blood press. These are all the realities that start a countdown of the best exercise bike under 500

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Every reader must have their budget for the Best Exercise Bike under 500.  It makes it easier as you know about your range and you will go for the target machine much easier.  The second important thing to keep in mind is the space for the machine. The good thing is that this exercise bike is small than other equipment available for cardio.   Additionally, these machines can easily be moved from one place to another. 

One important aspect is what type of workouts one would want in their selected equipment. A simpler bike that does not have as many levels of resistance is recommended for general fitness.  I bike with different levels of resistance that can be changed quickly is suitable for more intense riding or high-intensity interval training.  This bike will allow increasing the intensity as fast as possible without disrupting the exercise. 

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For senior citizens, or for people who have mobility issues, a bike that is easy to get on and off is recommended. An indoor cycling type bike may be a bit more difficult because of its design of the racing bike. In this case, an upright back with a comfortable seat and side may be a better option to keep more stable than the exercise option. 

It must be remembered to cool down after intense riding. It can lead to blood pooling in the muscle and cramping if you just stop and get off.  When you finished your main workout, finish up with a 5-10 minutes cool down at a lower intensity and speed.  After 5-10 minutes, you can finish off with some stretching and core work to complete the workout. More about the best exercise bike under 500 at 

The best exercise bikes allow you to reach your movement goals, balance your cardio and get fitter from the comfort of your home. An indoor exercise bike is a great home workout that does need you to get ready to return to the gym or if the weather is putting you off heading to the park on your bike. 

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